Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hey everybody!!! Now all of yall probably are wandering why I put "Help" as the title. My favorite car is a Ford Mustang and I always look up the new mustangs. So yesterday I looked up the new 2011 Ford Mustang. I am so mad, why? It four doors according to the picture. So I'm asking all of yall to look up every website that yall can think of and look up the 2011 Ford Mustang please I'm very disapointed after 45 years of a two door mustang, and then they change it. I'm starting to tears in my eyes. This might not make sence to you but to me it does. This hurts me. IIIIIIII LLLLOOOVVVEEEE YYYYOOOUUUU FFFFOOOORRRRDDD MMMMUUUSSSTTTTAAANNNGHGGGSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you find a website thats different to the picture I saw please let me know. Thank you all.


Granny's Blog said...

Oh, Sadie, I'm so sorry. Maybe they made the back seat larger and needed to have another door. That's all I can think about it.

The Walker Family said...

what, four door? They did that just to upset you!lol or maybe they did so that all of the soccer moms could have a cool sports car to ride in that has a door for each child! i love you!