Thursday, July 23, 2009

My new braces!!!!

As you all no now,,,, I got braces!! Stupid moth. Now Carhartt trying to get it. Anyway I got them put on Tuesday [July 21, 2009]. My mouth hurt until Yesterday. I........ Carhartt is still trying to get the now today my mouth doesnt hurt it's the canker sores the hurt and now I have three. And the nubing stuff they gave me nubs you mouth and then goes away in it taste nasty. And the wax thay gave me works I like it a lot.


Granny's Blog said...

I hope you don't have to wear them a long time. You probably can't chew gum or eat taffy or other gooey candy. I guess you can still play your flute. Not having a mouth piece you have to clamp down probably helps. Love you! Granny

The Walker Family said...

! only have to wear them for 15 mouths. Sadie