Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun with the YW

My mom let me go with the young women on a hayride and then come back and carve out pumpkins. The pumplkins were not soft and it took alot of muscle to make a design on them. mom said, "Never again" on the small pie pumkins. They cost the same as the big pumkins. After we did our pumpkins, mom gave us caramenl apples. Yummy!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

We are we today?

We are a Marykates house today.Playing with my two cousins , and having a great time! There fall break is monday and Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My two BFF's

My two BFF's
Hailey Chance: met her in the 5th grade been BFF's ever since
Lacey Hamilton: met her at church in the year 2005 and has been the most politiest person I have ever met.

Jonas brothers

i would love to go see them my cousin did im so jealous when i go over to their houses i going to ask all about it hahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!

my three favorite songs

distriba by rionna
so what i am a rock star by pink
i used to rule the world by cold play
these are the good songs now a days not a that nasty music that they play now....oh wait it is not even music so whats the point of it? they dont even use instruments when they use instruments its the best NOT THE KEY BOARD IINNSSTTRRUUMMEENNTTSS!!![instruments]


brothers are one of the most important thing in your whole life you life with him you do mostly everything with them. Now we all know that we hate them time to time, but deep down inside you love them. Now my brother is...... well you know boyish but the reson why im saying this because he FUNNY.SMART he comes up with the most weirdiest things you would'nt have come up with. and you know if you had a brother and you wished he wasnt there. you would fill so.... i dont know how to put this but you love them anyway,[ this is weird]

My blogging Friends

My Friends
the walker pad
the villamor family
granny's blog
go look at their blogs!!


ok theres this guy on you tube and hes the most funniest thing ever! hes a 14 year old that talks so funny. every one that i have shoun has likened it so go see it on you tube [ ask you parent purmision before going online].


Webkinz is an online world were you adoapted a new peat[coast money]and you take care of it . on my webkinz account i have 17 pets. heres a little tip:dont ever press change your password because you cant choose your password they do and how do i know i did that and lost my knew account. and i had to start a new accout by when i was in GA i bought me a cute chocolate lab that looked like my little weiner dog careful. its so much fun!!! :}

Fall Break

I just love fall break. Its one week with no school, of coarse you all know about that!
Monday: we packed up and when to our Granny's house
Tuesday{today}: got spoiled by granny
Wednesday:leaving to go home from Granny's house
Thursday:leaving around 8-9am to go to Mk's house in La'Grange GA. to get there around 1:00pm.
Sunday:go to church and go home from La'Grange GA.
Well there it is!! My seven day weekly planning.

My New Blog!

Isn't this GREAT!!!!! I have my own blog. And its all about ME!!!!! :} WHOOOOO.I'm so happy. Ok..... clammed down. Remember to check in everyday and see whats happening to me and my family. Hopefully I'll get on everyday to blog{it will make me get on everyday!
Tuesday,October 7,2008